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The Kaizen philosophy of ever improving Quality and Excellence pervades our operations from start to finish. In our relentless pursuit of quality and live upto our reputation in the global markets, we follow globally accepted parameters.

The guidelines and manual of each individual customer is well understood and salient features duly recorded prior to acceptance of order. Production at all levels is standardized to international norms. Each stage of production has the prescribed testing, auditing & reporting structure in place. Our products are regularly tested/inspected by nominated external agencies like Intertek, SGS, BV, etc.
All our products are tested for adherence to prescribed care instruction & the end use of the product. Dimensional stability, color fastness properties (Crocking dry, wet, washing, laundry, water, light, etc), chemical properties, physical properties (tear, tensile, seam slippage), pilling, are some of the parameters that are tested each time depending on the product.
Our in-house lab is equipped to test most of the above parameters.
Wearer's Test: This is a unique process followed by our company, where our products are tested in their initial stage by using it like an end customer to assess its viability. This in turn helps us to recommend necessary changes in the product, which enhances sales for our customers. Our buyers have universally acclaimed and praised thissystem as introduced by us.

Color matching: All colors are checked in the light box under the primary & secondary light source like CWF, TL84, AD, as per the customers requirement.. In absence of any specified light source, all colors are checked under artificial daylight.
Inspections / Audit  
Fabrics: We carry out 100% check of our fabric for yarn count, weave construction, length, width, bowing, shrinkage, color, artwork, hand-feel & odor. Once the entire lot passes this requirement the bulk fabric is inspected under the well established "4 point count" system for fabric approval. Fabrics are assessed for defects in warp and fill directions. Defects may be in the form of holes, abrasion marks, oil / dye stains, mis-picks, double picks, slubs, improper finishing, centre to selvedge color variation, etc. Apart from this anomalies related consistency in shades, widths, finishing and other are thoroughly checked. Fabric which passes these stringent quality tests go to a customer or to our made ups department.
Fabric Inspection Standard: Unless otherwise specified by the customer, we pass 13 points per 100 linear mtr as a standard practice.
Made-ups: We conform to the 2.5 Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL) standard.
Applied to each process of production: Trims, Cutting, Small parts, In-line, End-line, Washing, etc have a defined audit process that is adhered to for all the customers. All these methods inspire buyer confidence and give absolute assurance of perfection in each of our products. Quality in all that we do is a passion and a path to excellence. Our reputation in international markets is founded on the strong base of quality.